Divorce Resources for Professionals

ARC Clinical Tools

We know how important your work is and what a difference it makes in the lives of the people you serve. Our Clinical Tools are designed to support you in your work with both couples and individuals who are struggling with the effects of marital stress, divorce and divorce recovery.

ARC Online Training Programs

ARC is committed to providing valuable training programs to assist therapists with their clinical work. Our programs are specifically targeted to clients who are experiencing relationship struggles with their spouses or partners.

Therapist Directory Registration

In order to implement a more streamlined referral process and ensure that our clients get the guidance they need from professionals like you, we have created the Alpha Resource Professional Directory. This on‐line directory is a valuable resource for our clients as they work toward resolving their divorce issues. We are often asked to refer professionals to work closely with them as they and their families go through this challenging time.

Scholarship Program

One of Alpha Resource Center’s core missions is to promote successful marriages. In an effort to further this mission, we have developed a scholarship program to be awarded by our “FEATURED THERAPIST OF THE MONTH.” All our therapist needs to do is recommend one of their clients and tell us the clients’ brief story (names and identities withheld of course) which will be shared on our website. Alpha will then pay for up to $300.00 in therapy sessions for the client. We will be awarding one scholarship each month for that month’s featured therapist to award. It is our way of providing resources for life’s most important relationship.

Marriage Success

There are few things that can bring such great satisfaction to life like a fulfilling marriage. We have assembled the knowledge and resources every couple can apply as they work to build and sustain their marriage. Learn More

Divorce Mediation

Our professionals understand that divorce is much more than dismantling the past, it is about building the future. Learn More

New Beginnings

Life after divorce can be gratifying, but challenging. As newly single people navigate through co-parenting, dating and remarriage, we offer resources to assist you in navigating these challenges. Learn More

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