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Life Skills Training

Evidence-based Prevention Programs for Schools, Families, and Communities. The Botvin LifeSkills Training Programs are based on the highly effective and top-rated evidence-based LifeSkills Training approach developed by Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin. They are designed to build confidence and skills necessary to successfully handle challenging situations through all stages of life.

Child Centered Divorce Network

Check out this child centered divorce support network created by Rosalind Sedacca. Various resources for post-divorce parenting. This website includes articles, tools, tips and more. Also, check out Rosalind’s guidebook on how to tell your kids about the divorce.

Explaining Separation/Divorce to your children

Check out this article by Liana Lowenstein, MSW, RSW, CPT-S. It includes helpful tips on what to say to your children. For example, “Start with a loving message, then give the difficult news, then make reassuring comments and end with another loving statement.” (Liana Lowenstein)

Step Parent Forums

Check out which is full of venting step parents addressing their day to day concerns about caring for their step children. Check out their list of forums, including adult stepchildren issues, stepparent rights, teenage stepchildren and more!

Two Happy Homes

This is a fantastic website for co-parenting. It will help you save time and energy and keep you organized. You can create a central place to store and organize all of your family information and there is a community of other parents to ask questions and exchange tips.

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