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Parenting Success During the Holidays

Prepare Ahead of Time

You may think this is a “no brainer,” but many of us get wrapped up in the retail hype. Make a list of what you need to get done, what you need to purchase etc. Start tackling that list; cross things off as you complete them.

Teaching Kids to Give Back and Give Thanks This Holiday Season

How do you inspire your children to give back? Make a new tradition for the whole family to go through toys and clothing to donate. Ask your kids to put themselves in another child’s shoes. “Would they enjoy playing with this toy?” By doing this, it will make room for new gifts that Santa will be bringing, but will also remind everyone how much they truly do have! Gather everything together and donate to a local church that is collecting items for the holidays. Overall, this new tradition will promote the feeling of gratitude and allow your family to appreciate the small things in life.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Participate in an “Adopt a Family” program. Many churches and neighborhoods have a sharing tree where you pick a family or child to get a gift for. You can donate money, gift cards or material items. This will teach children that this season is not about receiving it is about giving.

Do you know someone that does not decorate anymore due to a feeling of loneliness? Decorate someone’s house without them knowing! One year, my boyfriend and I got a Christmas tree, decorations and lights and set up a beautiful display inside his father’s house. His Dad has not remarried, and lives on his own and we wanted to do something special for him.

Enjoy the little things

If you are not in the right spirit to mingle with people this year, enjoy a drive to look at Christmas lights in your area. This simple “little thing” will be uplifting and it is free!


  • Limit electronic usage, to allow yourself to truly connect with your friends and family.
  • Bundle up and take a walk outside. This will help you clear your mind.
  • With all of the hustle and bustle, allow yourself a nice 10 minute break for a cup of tea, to meditate or stretch.
  • Make sleep a priority. It is the beginning of cold season and our immune systems are working overtime. Allow your body to truly recharge for the next day.

Cheryl Roque and Carol McShane

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