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Tony Goldsmith (Oct)

“My work is focused on helping people have healthy relationships. I believe that most emotional problems and symptoms are not illnesses but are rather rooted in disconnects in a person’s closest relationships. In order to help people feel and do better, I focus on how people can relate in deeper and more closely connected ways.

I work on helping a couple to stop cycles of violence and alienation. I help them explore the positive roots of their relationship and developing a deeper understanding of each other. I help them with working on new patterns in their lives that open them to new experiences of each other and their relationship.

Parents are the key to healthy children. When I see a child who is having difficulties, I also work with the parents to help them in partnering to decide how to help their child.

But when marriages fail, sometimes parents have a difficult time deciding how to continue to share the responsibilities of parenting. I work with divorcing and divorced couples to assist them in reducing conflict and moving forward with new plans on how to co-parent successfully and respectfully.

I am a licensed psychologist with a master’s degree in clinical psychology. I have 30 + years of experience. I am privileged to work at Building Bridges in Media, a context for healing and change, where I am joined by and collaborate with other private practitioners of like mind.”

I would like to nominate a couple I have been working with in co-parent counseling after a conflictual divorce. They are struggling to make co-parenting work and have not yet been able to implement all the ideas we have discussed. Both are school teachers and are raising three children, age 5-10. They do no use insurance to see me. Despite their difficulties, they have been very committed to the process of the counseling. They have reduced frequency of sessions due to finances. I would like to reward their efforts with the scholarship you offer.

Tony Goldsmtih
42 E. Front St.
Media, PA 19063

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