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Christina Carson-Sacco, Psy D (Jun)

I believe that a good match between the client and therapist is key to therapeutic success. My approach is very straight-forward and down-to-earth. I help individuals, couples and families build the skills needed to overcome emotional challenges, relationship difficulties and to move through life changes, creating healthier lives. I enjoy working with adult women to help them deal with stress and to lead more fulfilling lives. I assist families having difficulty relating to one another, through parenting strategies or a couples focus. I enjoy using my skills to strengthen couples and families. My experience allows me to support both the parents and the children through the divorce process, as well. I am a licensed psychologist whose Doctorate in Clinical Psychology has a concentration in Family and Couples Therapy. Since 1989, I have worked in a variety of settings. Currently, I am a part of a private group practice in Warrington, that offers a variety of services for individuals of all ages, as well as couples and families.

It is wonderful to be named as the Featured Therapist, as I truly enjoy what I do. I chose to work as a psychologist because I realized everyone struggles at some point in their lives. Being able to be a part of an individual’s or family’s growth is a privilege. The generous scholarship from Alpha Resource Center will assist a couple who has the desire to work on their relationship, but is challenged financially. Thank you!

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