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Annie Yocum, PsyD (Mar)

Dr. Annie Yocum, Zeteo, PC

In therapy, I join couples and families in discovering ways to deepen the quality of relationships or to cope with difficult situations. “Zeteo,” the name of my private practice, means “to seek” in Greek. Therapy is, in part, a process of seeking something, and I come along side my clients in finding what they are seeking. This could be more satisfying relationships, better fights and resolutions, more effective communication, family harmony amidst a breakup, smoother co-parenting, or relief from particular symptoms. Therapy is also a process of learning to simply “be;” I incorporate a mindfulness perspective in supporting families to be in and cope with the sometimes unchangeable aspects of life that we wish were different.

I strive to provide a relaxed, emotionally safe, and nonjudgmental space for couples and families to work through their concerns. With over 10 years of experience, I provide couples, family, individual, as well as group therapy.

Making a first therapy appointment can be easy to put off for a number of reasons, not the least of which is financial. I would like to extend the generous Alpha Center scholarship to cover the first two appointments of a couple or family interested in seeing how therapy could benefit them. Taking out the financial hurdle will hopefully inspire those who are hesitant to try therapy to make the call and give it a chance.

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