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The Alpha Story

Keila Gilbert, Esquire, formed The Alpha Center following her own experience with divorce. She was convinced that there had to be a better and healthier way to divorce that would benefit the family as a whole as well as the divorcing partners. Of particular concern was the children’s emotional well being as well as the positive effects for the spouses as they transition to a new stage in their lives.

In 2002, Ms Gilbert, who had been a teacher prior to pursuing her legal career, used her teaching skills to develop a series of education programs about divorce that were provided through community schools and other organizations.

Over the past two years, Ms Gilbert worked with other Alpha Center professionals to develop education programs and resources directed at saving both marriages and helping individuals make better post divorce and remarriage decisions. Valuable tools have been developed to assist therapists, employee assistance organizations and human resource professionals in their efforts to reduce the negative impact of relationship stress.

In a little over a decade, the Alpha Center has grown to over 12 offices in Pennsylvania. The demand for Alpha Center’s education programs and services are rapidly accelerating. In the next five years, the goal is to grow to serve individuals, professionals and organizations nationwide.

Marriage Success

There are few things that can bring such great satisfaction to life like a fulfilling marriage. We have assembled the knowledge and resources every couple can apply as they work to build and sustain their marriage. Learn More

Divorce Mediation

Our professionals understand that divorce is much more than dismantling the past, it is about building the future. Learn More

New Beginnings

Life after divorce can be gratifying, but challenging. As newly single people navigate through co-parenting, dating and remarriage, we offer resources to assist you in navigating these challenges. Learn More

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