New Beginnings


Life after divorce has the potential to be secure, gratifying and adventurous. There are, however, some “pot-holes” that can throw things off course. Fortunately, we have examined the challenges of this phase of life and have designed resources to alert you to potential problems so that you can avoid the stress and hardships they bring.

By understanding these key areas, you can be assured of a happy and healthy future.

New Relationship Success

One of the good things about divorce is that it offers you a fresh start and a chance to begin a new relationship, one that’s even healthier and more fulfilling than your marriage was.

Financial Success

Rebuilding your financial life after a recent divorce is an essential step. Once you get your financial plan on track, other parts of your life will start to fall back into place.

Parenting Success

Although parents can divorce, they will always remain connected through their children. Research shows that when parents remain openly hostile toward each other, their children are likely to suffer long term emotional harm. Children do the best when parents develop a healthy co-parenting relationship during and after divorce.

Mind/Body Success

Look through our resources to help you cope, manage and reduce any obstacles that get in your way.

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